Let’s Write!

Posted on 24 March 2021

Writing is such a solitary act. Building out a plan, sharing your goals, and connecting with others who are pushing themselves to create can make a huge difference. The 28-Day Writing Sprint is an accountability and support group providing a structured environment for setting and sharing goals, reporting on progress, reflecting on strategies, and growing your endurance for writing.

This is a space for folks to gather inspiration from each other as we sprint toward our writing goals together.

What to expect: Communal accountability through:

• setting and sharing a four-week writing schedule
• reporting progress on your weekly goals
• responding to reflection prompts
• completing weekly craft reflections

Dates: April 4–May 1

Cost: $25

Click here to register.

Note: The 28-Day Writing Sprint happens in a private Facebook group. You’ll need a Facebook account to participate.