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Vol. 53, In Mexico: A City In Celebration

Posted on 10 January 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico It’s been a few months since my last post. Where oh where have I been, you ask? (Besides in my underground workshop scribbling away on my novel,) I’ve been in the thrall of a city in constant celebration. Since my last post, Oaxaca has been celebrating one holiday or another. Celebration is what… »


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Vol. 52, In Mexico: Sounds and Food in Oaxaca

Posted on 19 October 2005

Oaxaca, Mexico I have friends here in Oaxaca who are constantly hosting friends from the States. One of the things they end up doing for their guests is interpreting the sounds of Oaxaca. It is interesting how we become so deeply accustomed to every facet of our lives—visual, rhythmic, verbal, sonic—that sometimes we don’t realize… »


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Vol. 48, In Mexico: Water Shortages in Oaxaca

Posted on 4 May 2005

Oaxaca, Mexico The quest for water is a central part of life in a desert town. Oaxaca is the desert. It is a beautiful city. Colorful, full of arts—both traditional and contemporary, a healthy bit of colonial architecture, lots of outdoor events and festivals, and enough cabs in the streets to make a New Yorker… »


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Vol. 47, In Mexico: Vera Cruz

Posted on 10 March 2005

Vera Cruz, Mexico I am on my first writing trip ever since my daughter’s birth two years ago. I am proud to say I have been able to maintain my “schedule” of leaving NYC for the winter every other year even as a mom. I will be in Mexico for three months, but I am… »